Showcase Instructional
Interleague Teams

The Time has Come for a New and Better Concept in Advanced Baseball Training and Play

ChampionsFirst New Concept in Years: Travel Teams and Tournaments have dominated the choices for higher level competition.

We think it's time for a better choice.

Former MLB all Star Howard Johnson (HoJo) joins forces with Coach Peavy to build a better way to learn advanced team baseball.

HoJo will be the General Manager of the Showcase Instructional League and will determine the Complete Training Agenda, which is designed after the Professional Baseball Minor League System and his experiences as a Major League All Star and Coach.

Individual Players or Entire Teams May Join

Your individual athlete may join our Teams or YOU MAY BRING YOUR ENTIRE TEAM.

For Teams, we will provide an experienced Pro Head Coach for the Team and a Complete Training System and locations.

If you have a field or facility that is convenient for Team use, we will incorporate it's use into our practice and play plans.

Prepare Athletes for High School, College and Pro Baseball

Advanced Training Plan: Our complete player training plan will be assembled by Coach Preston Peavy, Coach Bud Blide and our team of professional coaches, including input from MLB players and coaches such as Howard Johnson of the NY Mets and others.

The program is intended to fully prepare athletes in all facets of the game.

Major Emphasis on High Level Instruction

First Emphasis is Instruction and Training: Teams will average three serious, organized practice days during the week with two game days on weekends, typically playing a double header one of the days. Playing time is earned in practice, just like in Major League Baseball.

Professionally Coached Teams

Paid Professional Coaches: Put former travel resources into professional coaching with an integral training plan.

Roving Team of Professional Specialty Coaches

Roving Specialty Coaches: A team of specialty coaches, which may include pitching coaches, hitting coaches, infield and outfield coaches, base running coaches, catcher coaches and more roves from team to team teaching from a highly professional, integral and consistent program. 

Introducing the End of Tournament Insanity

Practice During the Week-All Games Planned and Scheduled Locally on Weekends: Think about it! How many times have you seen teams hurt players by over-pitching and overplaying them in 3 to 5 games in a day!

Georgia AAU Baseball has agreed to assist in the scheduling of games and assist in the development of the Showcase Instructional League in Georgia.

Proper Training Intervals: Teams will play plenty of games without the pitfalls of tournament baseball.....pitchers and all athletes can train on proper throwing programs.

Showcases with a Plan

Showcases with Preplanned Games: Showcases such as Perfect Game and others plan their playing schedule well ahead, so our teams can bring full rosters to the tournaments, thus minimizing injury potential while achieving exposure to college and pro scouts.

Working WITH Schools and Leagues as a TEAM

We Work WITH Other Programs, NOT Against Them: We intend to field a complete program that Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges would be proud to have their players participate in, because we will fully prepare athletes for High School, College and Pro Play.

Plus, we will constantly be in touch with the Baseball Community Leagues, Middle and High Schools as well as Colleges to make them aware that we have a powerful, effective and positive option for athletes in the off season....and we will constantly work within all GHSA and other state rules to SUPPORT existing programs while maintaining applicable rules.

In addition, all of our Showcase Instructional Teams are required to give back to the community by helping local leagues with clinics and more for younger players and families.

Help Athletes and Colleges Get Matched Up

We Utilize CHAMPS: CHAMPS, or Collegebound High School Athletes Marketing and Placement Service to place athletes and colleges together. Owner Mark Gleason can help all athletes in all sports to be directly marketed to colleges and universities so that more athletes can realize their dream of playing college sports.

Teaching Life on Life's Terms Through Sport

Our Most Important Goal: Through our "Make a Difference" programs, we intend to teach athletes "How to Deal with Life's Terms Through Sport".

Our plan and program includes instruction by Professionals for "The Mental Edge in Baseball" as well as education for athletes and families in drug and alcohol addiction as well as learning to recognize mental health issues, so athletes and families know better where to go to get help with these important concerns.

Our Ultimate Goal is to Build a Sponsor Supported League

Building Value for Sponsors with a FREE Online Baseball Academy: HoJo and Coach Peavy are building a very special website specifically designed to teach the world high level baseball...for FREE! THAT'S RIGHT...ABSOLUTELY FREE for everyone in the world to join as Members!

THE GOAL: Future Sponsors and Advertisers will underwrite the huge Free Training Video Library that will be FREE to all Coaches, Players, Baseball Families and Fans all over the world! Sponsors and Advertisers in turn, will gain cost effective and quality exposure to an entire world of baseball fans for their high quality products or services.

Initially, players tuition will be paid by parents and families on a monthly basis. We initially estimate total player costs of approximately $900 per month for each 3 month period. This is all inclusive and no other charges are anticipated at this time.

HoJo and Coach Peavy intend to build an incentive system by which participants may sign up a certain number of new Members for the Online Baseball Academy and solicit Sponsors to participate in our Targeted Online Advertising Program. The program will be designed to lower and hopefully eliminating Players Tuitions, by eventually building a Baseball Scholarship Program to include future participation with the RBI Program in Major League Baseball for inner city baseball athlete participation.

Sponsors and Advertisers will be PROUD to support our "Make a Difference" programs and so will you!